Strategically located in Miami, PanCorp was formed in 1996 with the aim of providing products and services to the Brazilian importer. Our proposal is to provide efficient and responsive services in an environment of absolute transparency and low costs, enabling our customers to optimize their resources and generate tangible savings, creating long-term relationships.

Our products are directed to support your operation needs, 100% customizable; our basic activities include:
Logistic support services:      Cargo handling in general - Managing portfolio of applications - Receiving and checking of goods - Maintenance and local control of inventory - Procurement and supplier development - Planning and consolidation of smart shipments conforming requests by agents and / or trading companies in Brazil.
Financial Support Services:   Development of credit lines for export - Reducing costs of freight domestic and / or international, on "incoming cargo" utilization our extensive network of partners in Courier and Freight Business - Consolidation of Payment to international suppliers (USA + ), reducing costs associated with bank charges, allowing our customers 100% monitoring of its resources, which -definitely-doesn’t occur when you use conventional banking instruments. 
Besides the reduction of various costs, including staff and bank charges, your suppliers will appreciate the speed of their response and change in control of their payments.
These and several other mechanisms have primary goals to increase their level of information and control, and save a few thousand dollars per year in direct and indirect savings, with a significant increase in efficiency.

The pancorpAUTO appeared in 2007, due to excellent relationships with brokers and dealers from USA and Canada, which allow us to find the car configured as you want at the lowest cost and on time, while we are feeding you with information all the time, since the purchase abroad ending with the delivery of their new car at your home, duly legalized and all taxes collected on its behalf, with ease, economy and so absolutely secure.
Initially directed to Brazil, now we are expanding our services to other Countries, including the sales of pre-owned, high quality cars.

Exportamos nossos carros sem intermediários, através de nosso in-house Freight Forwarder SeAir Freight (, em containers individuais com a mais absoluta  segurança; uma vez carregados, os containers são por nós lacrados e enviados direto ao Porto..
Owned & Operated by Pan Import Export Corporation - PANCORP
                             established in 1996