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Owned & Operated by Pan Import Export Corporation - PANCORP
                             established in 1996

We now Export the best PRE OWNED cars, either with known history, Carfax and/or Dealer certified, in absolute mint conditions, not to mention, very low mileages.

If you don't find the car you're looking for, just ask, and we'll find it for you, with the same criteria of high quality, and we'll export it to you wherever you are, for just a low, affordable fee of 6%(*). You will see where the car is located, the selling price - you can even talk to the dealer, ask as many questions as you want.

No hidden games, no extras, just a very reasonable fee of 6%(*)  of the cost of the car.


We'll bring your car to our freight forwarder in Miami, and ship it to you, according to your instructions, and we don't charge anything extra for our service, everything we do is included in the 6%(*) you paid.

When you're ready, we'll buy it for you.

(*) plus third party costs, i.e., transportation, tag agencies, dealer fees, if applicable.
How it works?

1) Let us know what kind of car you're looking for. Brand, Year, Color and Options of preference, and your budget.  

2) We'll look for the best car around, among the best local ads, starting with authorized dealers, for the certified cars. As soon as we find some offers that may be of your interest, we'll send them to you, with full profile and pictures of the car, including VIN number, plus 100% disclosure of Seller information, so you can do your own due diligence, on the car and on the seller.
3) Our basic rate covers up to 6 different offers for your evaluation, matching your criteria.  When you decide which one you want, we'll buy it for you.

Why a PRE OWNED car from South Florida is The Best PRE OWNED car in the World?

1) The whole South Florida is a flat land, covered by freeways North/South, East/West,  where the  technologically advanced asphalt shows almost no potholes. Sometimes, when dealing with a high mileage car, we use to joke,  "Nothing to worry about - Miami Miles".

2) We have no snow - actually, we barely have winter! If you buy a car from NY or MA or any other place where heavy snow is the rule, the way the municipalities remove the snow is throwing salt on the roads, and in some places you find salt trucks on the road all the time, day and night, through the whole winter.
Do I have to tell you what that does to your car? "Corrosion" is a word we don't use around here very much.

3) If you decide to buy a PRE OWNED car from California, for instance, you could possibly regret not buying it from South Florida, simply because, this is a "flat as flat gets" piece of (Blessed) land. You have to ask yourself if all those ups and downs in the mountains of West Coast will, sooner or later, end up shortening the life of transmissions and suspension components, leaving you with  a large bill at the end.

Ask for details! Never before was so easy, secure and risk free buying  a PRE OWNED car in the US, with peace of mind, and for a very affordable fee.